Tabligh (TI) Visa

Every year, in the second half of January, Muslim community from different parts of the world congregate at the Tongi Ijtema Maidan, Gazipur - 20 km away from the capital city- Dhaka.

The Embassy may issue Tablig (TI) visa to any Nepali citizen belonging to Muslim community provided they submit a recommendation letter from the Central Tablig Markaj / Tabligh Jamat. Single entry TI visa is issued generally for 30 days without fees.

However, if the applicant wishes to perform three chillas, Embassy may issue visa for 130 days duration, which again may be extended in Bangladesh by another 20 days with submission of a Police Clearance Certificate from the local police authorities and a recommendation letter from the Markaj / Central Jamat of Bangladesh.

Immigrants and citizens of other countries residing in Nepal permanently can get TI visa by submitting documents in favour of permanent residency in addition to above-mentioned documents.