21 Feb 2023

Amar Ekushe and International Mother Language Day observed in Kathmandu


Amar Ekushe and International Mother Language Day was observed in due solemnity in Kathmandu. Along with the regular programmes on the occasion, the Embassy organised a day-long art camp in its premises which was attended by around 40 renowned artists of Nepal. Before start of the art camp, the artists were briefed on the historic events of Amar Ekushe and significance of the International Mother Language Day. Video documentaries on the significance of protection of language were screened. The artists were awarded certificate of appreciation for their valuable participation in the art camp which was organized on the theme of ‘Love for Language & Culture.


The day began with hoisting of national flag at half- mast with national anthem. The Embassy officials and members of the community joined the probhat feri and laid floral wreath at the Shaheed Minar. Special prayers were offered in memory of the language martyrs and freedom fighters. In the discussion session, messages given by the dignitaries were read out and documentaries were screened.