Renunciation of Citizenship

Any Bangladesh citizen processing naturalization in Nepal (or intending to obtain Nepali citizenship) need to renounce his / her Bangladesh citizenship prior to recognition as a Nepali citizen. They may apply to the Embassy to cancel their Bangladesh citizenship.

Before submission of application (and deposit of fee), the applicant needs to have an appointment for interview with the concerned officer by emailing to

Upon satisfactory interview and acceptance of application (for voluntary renunciation of citizenship), the Bangladesh Embassy forwards it to the concerned authorities of the government for cancellation of citizenship. 

After thorough examination, the government issues a cancellation letter.

Upon receipt of the cancellation letter, the Embassy issues the Renunciation Certificate.

Please note that the Government reserves the right to accept or reject any application. 


  • Interview with the Embassy official;
  • Filled-in application form ( pls click here);
  • A separate application signed by the applicant with explanation of reason for renunciation of citizenship;
  • Any documents (letter/ proof/ offer note) from the competent authority of Nepal offering citizenship;
  • Passport size photographs (02 copies);
  • Copy of Bangladesh Passport (original copy must be shown at the time of submission of application);
  • Copy of NID/ Birth Registration Certificate (original copy must be shown at the time of submission of application);
  • Deposit of USD 50/- (Fifty US Dollar) at the following bank account of the Bangladesh Embassy in Nepal:
  • Bank account Name : Embassy of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  • Name of the bank & branch: Nabil Bank, Dhapashi Branch
  • Bank Account no. : 01032 1228 0001
  • For applicants below 18 years, application must be signed by his/ her the parents / legal guardians. 

Please note, once renunciation process is completed, the applicant may have to go through the entire process to regain citizenship.